Doctored Sound is a London based company that specialises in music consultancy, music production, and songwriting.

Doctored sound helps music artists, of all ages and stages, to take their music to the next level. We offer bespoke artist development packages through a range of professionally delivered services including everything from recording techniques, interview techniques, music business knowledge, vocal skills and live performance coaching for a range of professional settings.


Doctored Sound can deliver:

  • Bespoke artist development programme design (Professional companies and educational institutions).
  • Bespoke artist development (Individuals).
  • Networking for artists, producers, writers, record labels and industry professionals.

Areas of professional development

  • Press / Newspapers / Magazines / Online
  • Radio
  • Publicity
  • Social media
  • Royalties
  • Distribution
  • Publishing rights
  • Contracts
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Online promotion

Performance Areas:

  • Intimate
  • Club
  • Band
  • Radio
  • DJ + Artist
  • Award Shows

Coaching in:

  • Microphone Control
  • Vocal projection
  • Using the stage and microphone stand
  • Signature moves
  • Memorising Lyrics
  • Video performance
Sessions include advice from artists who have had to overcome a range of technical issues and performance anxiety. Artists will apply strategies used by others to overcome these barriers.
  • Single demo
  • 3 -7 track EP
  • A full album
  • Warming up
  • Scales
  • Vocal exercises
  • Pitch and tuning
  • Projection
  • Vocal production
  • Recording lead vocals
  • Double tracking
  • Recording ad libs
  • Harmonies
  • Microphone positioning
  • Intros/outros
  • Best results when self-recording
Sourcing professional and cost effective videographers to shoot videos.

Handpicked stylists to suit individual artists.

  • Exercise plan
  • Planning time for self
  • Healthy Eating

Sessions will explore ways in which artists can manage their diaries, be orgainised and stay on schedule to build a positive reputation within the music industry. This will give artists the skills to make the most of opportunities available to them.

Sessions will explore ways in which the artists can be mindful, engage in healthy thought patterns as well as habits in the midst of a very challenging and pressurising industry. Strategies will then be incorporated into daily routines.


  • Music Business Workshops
  • Artist Development Sessions
  • Bespoke Artist Development Project Design

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